A Typical Day at Paws for Thought Care Farm

Start the day.

We all arrive at 9.30 am to start the day with water or juice, catch up on news and talk about what we are going to do for the day. There is always lots to do and everyone will get a turn at all the activities.

We work in teams to complete the activities.

Tending the animals.

Around 10 am we all troop off together to tend to the animals. We feed and water the donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats.

Someone will collect the duck and chicken eggs – always exciting to see how many they have laid today!

We muck out the donkeys, groom them and check their hooves for stones. We are all learning how to do this – taking it in turns!

The animals all seem happy, so we give the donkeys and goats a cuddle and groom too. Sometimes we can lead them around the field to see all the exciting things going on.

Then we go to the guinea pigs for a cuddle, brush and a chat, they also like to be fed and have fresh water.

Dave the therapy dog will come out for a cuddle and a game of ball or hide and seek! He also has an apprentice ‘Derick’ who is learning too and loves to play catch! If we are lucky we might see Bella and Lilly the kittens on the prowl for rats or mice around the garden or field!!

During our day, depending on how quiet we can be, we might see a Heron who frequently pops in for worms in the long grass or maybe a Barn owl or a Little Owl who also visits for a tasty snack of field mice.

Snacks and treats.

At 10:45 am it is time for a quick drink and a healthy snack to keep our energy levels up!

One team will then head off to the garden to get produce to help make something lovely as a treat or prepping the garden for future planting.

We do what the season dictates, sometimes it can be fertilising the soil or pruning existing plants. We could also be harvesting the last of the potatoes or other crops available. The other team could be fixing fencing in the animal paddocks so no one will escape or maybe planting trees or hedging to encourage wildlife.

Lunch and the afternoon.

At lunchtime (12noon), we relax and have our packed lunch. We have time to clean away our things and play some pool or snooker or get back outside to play on the swings or trampoline.

After lunch, we swap teams and continue with the same activities as the morning so everyone gets a turn.

At 2 pm we all make our way back indoors to collapse and feel proud of what we have done. We have a drink and review our day, keeping a record in our diaries of achievements, progress, high points and low points and steps forward for our next sessions together.

The end of our day is at 2:30 pm.

To be honest with you Nicholas loves being on the farm. He was expecting to come back next day with his lunch box that he was so upset when I said he will be back in next month bless him.

I’m really happy with his journal working report and so amazed with how Nicholas was helping in many of the activities and with his kind behaviour with the animals, he seemed to enjoy every second there with you. He was very happy and looking forward for more sessions to be there.

I would definitely recommend paws for thought therapy 100%.


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