My daughter hasn’t been able to access mainstream education for nearly 4 years due to mental health and special education needs. Due to lack of funding and support available to schools due to government cut backs, places like ‘Paws for Thought’ are vital to children and young adults in the local area. Within weeks of my daughter attending ‘Paws for Thought’, her confidence, mental health and social skills have improved tenfold and this is all down to the hard work and support from the staff here. ‘Paws for Thought’ is a place she can happily go to safe in the knowledge that she is heard, respected, cared for and learn skills along the way. The care for their animals is first class and the children all learn how to help keep to the highest standards of animal welfare alongside self-sufficiency with sowing and growing their own fruit and veg. Places like this are much needed not only for the children using the service now but in years to come for those who find themselves in a position not being able to attend mainstream schooling.

I could go on for hours and be an advocate for services like yourself for years so please do shout if you need anything!


Firstly, I would like to say it saddens me to hear this!!
These are innocent children who need a place to go with specialist needs through no fault of there own!!

I would like to say what a wonderful place this is for ‘JF,’ a place he feels safe
and able to be himself and to be understood. Paws has helped him immensely
with is self-esteem, his confidence, his ability, his behaviours and his love of animals and the countryside is major therapy for a child that have suffered immense trauma. He loves all the staff, he says they are brilliant.

He talks very fondly of his days at paws and the friends he has made. The animal welfare things he has learned to do and he has built is confidence in trusting other people.
He has learned to trust other adults. His little face says it all, he loves his days at Paws.

It is a perfect setting for children with special educational needs. There is very limited good quality provisions for children in Suffolk.
The lack of Special Needs Provision for children in Suffolk has already been on the local news!! It was reported on how children and families had been let down already due to lack of facilities and teachers earlier last year.

Then when someone kind enough and experienced, comes along to set up a perfect place like ‘Paws for Thought Therapy’ and people actually want to complain they only do 9.30 to 2.30 four days a week, in different groups, no school holidays or weekends when people are home resting!!

Without Paws for Thought Therapy’, children like my grandson would suffer and be isolated and his needs would not be met. His alternative ‘education’ setting found him a perfect other provision at ‘Paws for Therapy’, it’s such a wonderful place.

The staff are totally dedicated to their commitment to all the children and they are very supportive to parents/carers who need support sometimes to. I can only say from the heart, how much this wonderful place as helped my grandson. Words cannot say how much this place would be missed if it couldn’t continue, it would be devastating
to so many children and families who gain this support.

Karen Friend

I personally think it is incredible what you are achieving, animals are indeed the best therapy. Living self-sufficient is also highly commendable. Well done you… not sure how I can support you but I most certainly will in any way I can. Keep going.


Our child was the first pupil at Paws for Thought and we have seen him grow in confidence throughout his time attending the care farm. Paws offer a varied curriculum for children that cannot manage in mainstream educational provisions. Their hands on approach teaches vital life skills and empathy towards animals and their peers. The staff are welcoming and passionate about what they do and work hard to build trusting relationships with the children. He loves going and feeling a sense of purpose when he is there. We are so grateful there is a provision like paws for him!


We heard of Paws for Thought just at the time that one of our young people was not in any education, we thought it may be worth checking out so the young person could keep some structure whilst we finalised his education plan, but the young person was very fond of PFT even from his first visit. So much so that we now are trying to ensure PFT remains part of his weekly timetable. The place itself is lovely, very therapeutic feeling and very calming. The young person has really enjoyed being able to spend time with the different farm animals and in particular the dog! The aim and ethos of the project itself seems very appropriate and could help many young people in similar situations to our young boy, to find some confidence and take pride in different things. The staff have been very friendly and approachable and I think it is a wonderful place for young people to enjoy and achieve.


To be honest with you Nicholas loves being on the farm. He was expecting to come back next day with his lunch box that he was so upset when I said he will be back in next month bless him.

I’m really happy with his journal working report and so amazed with how Nicholas was helping in many of the activities and with his kind behaviour with the animals, he seemed to enjoy every second there with you. He was very happy and looking forward for more sessions to be there.

I would definitely recommend paws for thought therapy 100%.


Paws for Thought Therapy was just what a small group of our pupils needed. Following the return to school after Covid, these children were anxious and were experiencing a lack of self-belief and confidence. Using the animals as therapy, Kim’s professional but thoughtful approach quickly gained the children’s trust and in a few short weeks, there was a noticeable difference in their attitude towards themselves and their learning. Paws for Thought has given these children an experience to draw on in the future when their self-esteem needs a boost. I highly recommend working with Kim and her team.

SEN Teacher

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