About Our Care Farm In Suffolk

About Our Care Farm

The Paws for Thought Therapy Care Farm, located in Suffolk, is a registered smallholding boasting a variety of animals and crops.

Here, children and young adults take an active role in nurturing and providing for the farm community, ultimately benefiting the well-being of vulnerable individuals. Activities include gardening, planting fruits and vegetables, maintaining fences and paddocks, assisting with animal care, and other general upkeep tasks.

Who Benefits?

The Paws for Thought Therapy Care Farm serves as a sanctuary for a diverse group of young individuals. Specifically:

  1. Children/Teenagers with Anxiety: The tranquil environment of the farm offers a safe haven for those battling anxiety, allowing them to experience moments of calm and respite away from the pressures of daily life.
  2. Individuals with Mental Health Issues: The nurturing surroundings of the farm provide therapeutic benefits that can aid in the healing process and supplement other treatments.
  3. Those with Learning Difficulties: At the farm, young people with learning challenges are given tasks and responsibilities that cater to their unique strengths, enabling them to gain confidence and skills in a supportive environment.
  4. Youth with Behavioural Problems: By interacting with animals and participating in farming activities, these individuals learn patience, empathy, and responsibility, which can translate to improved behavior in other settings.
  5. Victims of Trauma: The farm provides a setting where those who have faced traumatic experiences can find solace, heal, and build resilience. The natural surroundings, combined with the compassionate care of the farm community, offer an environment conducive to healing.

In essence, Paws for Thought Therapy Care Farm Suffolk is a place where all these young individuals can come and simply be themselves, free from judgment, and surrounded by understanding and support.

How Does It Help?

Evidence shows that spending time with animals and plants, in a calming space can make a noticeable difference to people’s well-being. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved social interaction/relationships
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Developing awareness of well-being
  • Negotiating skills, working as part of a team
  • Learning new skills for future work

We Offer Extra Activites

• Art Therapy
• Counselling
• Farm to Fork (Cooking/baking)
• Animal Therapy
• Den building
• Exercise/work in an amazing outdoor space.

For more information about the extra activites, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to chat through everything can offer!

To be honest with you Nicholas loves being on the farm. He was expecting to come back next day with his lunch box that he was so upset when I said he will be back in next month bless him.

I’m really happy with his journal working report and so amazed with how Nicholas was helping in many of the activities and with his kind behaviour with the animals, he seemed to enjoy every second there with you. He was very happy and looking forward for more sessions to be there.

I would definitely recommend paws for thought therapy 100%.


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