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Hi, I’m Kim

I am a qualified Special needs teacher with seventeen years teaching experience. I started Paws for Thought therapy because I believe there is a better way to provide disadvantaged children and teenagers, therapy programmes.

I have a supportive husband and two amazing boys who have embarked on this adventure with me to purchase our forever home in the most tranquil of settings, with land to nurture and look after many of our favourite animals. We have worked hard to enhance and work with nature to grow a safe environment for us and others to enjoy. We are extremely proud of our achievements as they have not been easy and meant for us all to work as a team.

This is the ethos of my team at ‘Paws for Thought Therapy’, to provide a calm and caring space to encourage children to grow in confidence and skills. As a child, I struggled through mainstream school and into young adult life but a few people saw my potential and helped encourage me to resit my GCSEs, complete my Nursery Nursing qualification, working as a teaching assistant with the first child with Autism to attend a mainstream school in Suffolk. To then go on to complete a BAHons degree in Early childhood studies and my SCITT teacher training. I was diagnosed in my final year of my degree with Dyslexia! This was no shock and finally, I could understand why I struggled so much with academic studies.

Two years on with my experiences, I could choose which school I really wanted to work in. The choice was mine and very rare to have! The school had a special needs unit, with an inspiring young head teacher which gave me the drive and passion to always do my best and provide what is right for the children in my care. The experienced staff I worked with and who are still friends today, gave me the most valuable knowledge. The children I have had the pleasure to work with will always be special to me and I love supporting them to achieve. The Foundations of the Early Years is so important and often overlooked but continues to be my drive and passion in everything I do.

My personal life experiences have made me look at the world in a different way. I always try and put myself into someone else’s shoes to try and understand, to explore different viewpoints to try and find a solution. I want to help children and teenagers to know there is someone out there to support them, encourage and believe in them and to achieve.

In the little spare time that I have, I love to be with my family in our little piece of heaven, gardening, planting and having fun!!


Vicki loves to bake. She makes the most amazing cakes and produces some incredible artwork for them. She has been happily married for thirty-four years with three very talented sons. Her passions in life are obviously cake making, reading and paddle-boarding and her family. Vicki is enthusiastic and dedicated to her work. She has had various jobs, contributing to her life experience in retail and in local hospitals, but working with children and helping them to succeed is what she loves. Having worked in the education sector for over twenty-two, years she is very excited to be part of ‘Paws for Thought Therapy’.


Jess comes with a wealth of knowledge and skills from equine management to experience in children’s care homes. She loves being outdoors and being physical, which is great for this job! She has been happily married for twelve years, with three gorgeous children. Spare time does not exist for Jess but if it did…. she loves to look after her own horses and go riding. Her children have many clubs they attend so like many families they keep her busy. She also has a new addition to the family, a sweet natured Labrador cross cocker spaniel puppy, called Lola. Jess is very giving and caring and has the patients of a saint! She revels in a challenge and always gets results.


Mel comes from a childcare background with ten years of experience. Mel loves swimming, shopping and gaining extra knowledge through training, especially within mental health. She likes living life in the fast lane with banger racing and has nerves of steel and is rarely phased by anything. Mel has recently acquired ‘Thumper’ the rabbit as an additional family member. She enjoys taking her daughter to the zoo and leads a very busy life as a single mum, providing her daughter with all the opportunities she can. Mel is very excited to join our team and to take the role of caring for all the animals on the farm and sharing her knowledge and skills with both the team and the children attending.

A typical day at our Suffolk Care Farm

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